Saturday, September 1, 2012

fresh sewing day-goals for this weekend and september

this is the first time i've linked up with fresh sewing day at lily'squilts.  fellow bloggers  are sharing august accomplishments. i don't think i actually finished any projects. :(  but...i have made progress.

Lily's Quilts


Lily's Quilts

because i have a small blog and i would love to meet others like me :)

bride and groom sides of the wedding quilt are done. now it just needs to be basted, quilted and bound. still trying to decide how to quilt this one. any suggestions??? wedding is nov 3.

i made a mug rug out of a few orphan blocks. just waiting on the binding. (hand sewing is not my strong suit)

starla is still just a top and a back.  waiting to be basted, quilted and bound. (binding is ready tho:))

bronwyn top is finished.  working on the back and binding.

groove qal -- top in progress. i got all the curve blocks sewn (finished last night). now to start piecing:)

ny beauty pillow is just waiting on me to finish binding

plus quilt is still in fabric gathering stage.  inspired by this. i want to donate this one.

and is seems like a million other projects are brewing in my brain.  i am on a self imposed fabric freeze.
as i'm writing this i'm realizing that i need updated pictures.

so this weekend i hope to:

start piecing groovy
finish the back and binding for bronwyn
more fabric gathering (from stash) for plus quilt
and if i am really ambitious and/or time allows...
baste wedding or starla
finish binding on nybeauty and mugrug.

and i almost forgot!  block E from the second group is one of my quiltcon blocks from this post from the modern quilt guild!  camera issues prevented me from taking photos before i sent it out. i loved it so much i almost didn't want to part with it, but i have plans for something similar ;o.  more pictures to come...meanwhile

happy sewing