Monday, July 30, 2012

i can be a complicated communicator

i tend to think about blogging when i am not in the position to...such as when i'm driving.  then, when i have the time i am just sitting here......uuhhhh. i have plenty to talk about but sometimes it just takes me a little bit to get going. ok. so i've been a little obsessed with rossie and the silly boodilly lately.  i mean i have read through rossie's blog from newest to oldest and then really read it from oldest to newest.  i've bounced around the sillyboodilly.  not only are these women extremely talented artists, i really like what they have to say.  i found the process pledge on rossie's blog.  so i took it.  i find it fascinating to read about others' processes.  i thought that maybe i should share mine.  this is big for me in a general sense because i don't tend to share what's in my brain..."i can be a complicated communicator"....anyway....
yesterday i worked on the groom's side of the wedding quilt. i'm satin stitching around the raw edges of all the music notes.  it's not as fun as i want it to be.  when i was planning the groom's side i thought of different ways to incorporate music notes. i thought about paper piecing (which i really like doing). i thought about doing one huge applique note *(inspired by this quilt by tula pink.)  i think i chose the most time consuming and pia way.  when i can share a picture (no camera!) it will make sense. not to me but it will be easier to see what i'm talking about.  again....."i can be a complicated communicator"....

sometimes he just wants to be included:)

happy sewing!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

camera still out of commission

still waiting for my back up battery and charger to get here. i have been working on lots of things. i finished the back of the purple star quilt. i named her starla. i like to think of the back as starla's backside;) anyway, it's scrappy and i am pleased with the way it turned out. i also made my first mug rug.  i made a paperpieced snails trail block when i first started and i decided to do something with it yesterday. all that is left is the binding. i will be attempting that today.
i like pictures.  so here are some blocks from my first qip. it will probably be ip for a while because i keep changing my mind about it

i think i have 14 blocks done. it's for my significant other. she's not a very colorful person:) she said she wanted browns and greys. i just have to decide how i'm going to put them all together. there isn't a time constraint for this one like the wedding quilt so i guess i should go work on that wedding quilt. :)  linking up to/with wip wednesday at freshly pieced.
oh and i have to throw this in

someone likes my stash of browns and greys.

happy sewing

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

wip wednesday

i have a sneak peak at the groom's side of the wedding quilt (red quilt from this post)

omelet seems to like it:)  as i am working on it, i am realizing i should have done it differently but it's all a learning process i guess. i was able to find the last 2 fabrics and thread that i needed at one of my lqs.  linking up to wip wednesday at freshly pieced.

i also found this on pinterest.

it's a tutorial on making your own labels.  on spoonflower.  so i did it!   i made three similar designs and ordered a swatch of each.  can't wait to see them!!
also worked on the back of the purple star quilt (no pictures yet).
on sunday my other lqs, tabby fabric and studio had a sewcial/sew in...whatever you want to call it... and i worked on quiltcon blocks!  i finished 2 and i want to make a third.  no pictures of those yet either. boring story about my camera battery/charger.  that's it for me today. 
happy sewing!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

wips on saturday:)

i'm working on several projects at once. not a shocker. i finally took some pictures. pictures aren't that great but i'm having fun. :)
this is a pattern from modern patchwork magazine 

this is my own design. it's going to be a wedding gift for my best friend

both are just laid out (no sewing yet) but as of this posting both tops have been sewn.

i've never done this before but i'm linking up to wip wednesday at freshly pieced.

i can't get the formatting right on this post today.

i also made a poochie bag by happy zombie.  i modified it slightly since my fat quarters were only 21"

this was a lot of fun and it only took a couple of hours (i'm not that fast a sewer or presser).  i also made my pocket horizontal instead of vertical.  when i make the bag again i probably will not do that.  i may add some interfacing as well.  i really love the bag. its a great size for me.  thanks monica!