Friday, May 15, 2015

Barcelona hst wall quilt ...

About half way done with the matchstick quilting. Not sure if I should quilt in the dark areas. Used double batting but not sure if I can really tell a difference. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

half square triangles

half square triangles are usually not really my thing. i find them fiddly and hard to tame. that said, when i saw the blocloc ruler i thought it might help.  when i was at quiltcon i bought one for 5.5" hsts. the very helpful saleswoman showed how they can be used for smaller sizes as well.  since they are not cheap, i started with one that i could use for charm squares as well as smaller scraps.
i haven't played with it until today and i think it's a keeper:)

even though i usually don't work with hsts, i have been inspired lately by brooke's work, especially this  and this.  also, i love low volume. i mean really really love.  i took a class with cheryl arkison at quiltcon and it got me looking into her book, a month of sundays and i want to know more of what she has to say about low volume. i love using low volume fabrics in my projects but i'm not always happy with how they look.  it's like i have some preconceived idea and i can't recreate it in real life.  i see it in others' work, but not usually mine. <sigh>  so much to learn,

i was in the latest schnitzel and boo mini quilt swap on instagram and i got an amazing mini made with indelible. 

plus some other goodies.  i decided to use the barcelona charm pack with some low volume scraps and practice with my blocloc ruler.


so far.. not sure if i should make more hsts with lv and the more medium value fabrics. not tonight anyway. time to clean up my mess and go to bed. zzzzzz

Friday, February 27, 2015

ALYoF February 2015

alyof for February was to finish a boxy pouch for a gift. I did it!
unfortunately I'm blogging on my iPod touch and the photo of the finished bag is on my phone. figures.
just kidding. found it! 😜
she loves it and shows it off to everyone she can. 
this a super horrible shot of the inside. I added a pocket which wasn't perfect but not bad for kinda just winging it. I even put darts in the pocket to make it have more room. 

i followed the tutorial by pink stitches

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

yes, i'm still around

i really can't believe its been a year and a half since i blogged. seems last year got away from me. well, i plan to put a little more effort into this blog, even if it's only for me to document projects and other things:)

so first off ... a lovely year of finishes.  i missed january but i think i'm just going to make it under the wire for february.  this picture is really nothing because i've barely begun on this project but it's something i promised my spouse that i would make for them:)

it is the beginning of a boxy pouch. i'm following the tutorial by pink stitches

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

wip wednesday

i haven't been disciplined enough lately to participate in wip wednesday lately.  i missed 2013 finish-a-long linky but i think i'll still make the goals. my sewing time has been going to bee blocks lately but i think that i found a new project. scrappy trip around the world. tutorial by bonnie hunter.  i've cut enough 2.5 in strips for 11 blocks.  this was my initial fabric pull-

but i've narrowed it down to mid to light greens, oranges, yellows, pinks and peach/corals.
i also finished my  July cheer circle of do. Good Stitches blocks.

and since i've already missed the linky for the finish-a-long. i post about it later.
linking up with lee at freshly pieced

Sunday, June 30, 2013

half of 2013 is already gone...

i feel like all my sewing time is going toward bee blocks. and it is. i'm in 4 bees until september.   i also started 2 quiltalongs earlier in the year (which for the time being i have abandoned.)  i have overextended myself a little bit. i love being in bees but 4 at a time is too much for me. i don't have any time to work on any other projects. so lesson learned. and enough bitching.
these are the bee blocks for june so far. i plan on more sewing today so there may be more later:)

1. modern mavericks michelle 1, 2. bee sew modern sara, 3. bee sew modern allison, 4. union jack for sam 2, 5. churndash, 6. upload

linking up with lily's quilts - fresh sewing day

Lily's Quilts

i didn't make any q2 goals for the finish-a-long at she can quilt, but i do plan on some for q3 (i like the linky starts on july 8th)

i am a member of the cheer circle of do. Good stitches and my quilting month is september.  i've been contemplating my design since march 27th (the day rachel sent me the email.)  i really want to use the freewheeling block by tacha bruecher from 99 modern blocks.  my thought is that the correct and courteous way to do this is to ask her.  her website (blog) is not working right now. is it inappropriate to ask her on twitter?

Saturday, June 22, 2013


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