Wednesday, August 29, 2012

wip wednesday

my log cabin...based on emily cier's from quilt remix.  apparently i need a lot of pins to sew a straight line :)

and of course....the obligatory cat in the sewing room....denver omelet:)

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happy sewing

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

wip wednesday

this is what is my ny beauty blocks are turning into

i worked on it last weekend. i had the blocks done and they were just sitting there.  i haven't been inspired to make any more of the blocks (maybe in the future) i decided to make a pillow



half bound... 
i had a little problem getting the two ends to meet.  i tried using this method from jaybird quilts but it didn't work out so well. she makes it seem easy and it really wasn't. so i fudged a little and i think it will work. now i just have to hand sew the binding to the back. not really my favorite part.
i worked on other things as well...i cut the strips for the groove quilt. i'm linking up with freshly pieced.

happy sewing

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

wip wednesday

finally able to use my camera again:) i have finished both the bride's and groom's sides of the wedding quilt.

the groom is a jazz musician.  some detail...

wrestling that big piece of material through my little sewing machine to zig zag and satin stitch all of those notes was a little bit of a nightmare.  live and learn i guess.

this is the other side of the quilt

(this was before i actually sewed it..there are three appliqued stars on it as well)

i'm wondering how to quilt it.  originally i thought horizontal lines but i'm at a loss as far as thread color.  the wedding is not until the beginning of november.

other projects: i decided to do a quilt from emily cier's quilt remix.

i guess someone found the whole process a little bit of a snooze fest.  so this was the idea...

i started assembling...

i actually got a little farther than either one of these pictures and as i looked at it, i realized that it did not lay flat. somewhere i stretched too much and my seams must be off because it's almost bubbly. uurrrgggh. so i slept on it (not literally) and decided that i couldn't live with it like that and i had to get out the seam ripper. i've removed each strip down to the number print which i think is the major culprit. so i'll remove those and then decide if i want to use same fabric or change it.   grrr.
i'll be linking up with wip wednesday at freshly pieced.

happy sewing

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

wip and a finish

so i still have no camera. :(  <==not happy face. i can take pictures with my video camera but they  are saved on my computer as a file type that my computer doesn't know how to open. i can also take pictures with my tablet. they are really not good pictures. but...

this is the poochie bag i made for my boss's daughter. she is a little obsessed with france, hence the eiffel towers and

lining is dear stella.  i used interfacing on the lining and the pockets.  i like the shape/sturdiness that it brings to the bag. i also added and inside pocket.  i also made this

from this tutorial by dog under my desk (erin erickson) to go with it. the inside is the same dear stella fabric.

on the wip front...i finished the bride's side of the wedding quilt. i did not photograph it yet.  still working on the groom's side.  i think i have 12 notes left to sew. i know that it probably makes no sense but pictures are forthcoming.
i have to decided to put the ny beauty qal on hold for now.  i only have 4 blocks done and i'm not feeling it right now.  i will put them together to make a pillow (gift for my mom). i will revisit later.

i've picked out the colors for the groove qal

i have the pattern and now i just need to order the fabric.

happy sewing