Wednesday, June 13, 2012


hi!  i'm not really new to blogging but i'm a little inconsistent.  i'm a little lazy and my cat doesn't really like it when i'm on the computer for very long.  he's outside now so it's ok.  mostly i'll blog about fabric, sewing and quilting but i'm sure my cat will show up sometime..

who am i kidding? he'll be here a lot.

i've known how to use a sewing machine since i was a teenager but a few months ago a friend asked me if i wanted to go to a quilting class with her.  i never quilted before and i didn't have a huge interest but i thought it would be fun (little did i know.)   it was a paper piecing class and ever since then, i've been hooked.  so not to be one that just dabbles, i jumped in feet (head?) first. i looked for fabrics online. i looked for fabric and quilting stores near me. i got ideas. i bought books. i bought fabric. and more fabric. and i bought more books. and i got more ideas... i think this is common among quilters.  i started one project and got sidetracked by another, and another and another...i know this is common among quilters.  i read every blog i could find about sewing and quilting (especially modern quilting.) 

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