Sunday, July 22, 2012

camera still out of commission

still waiting for my back up battery and charger to get here. i have been working on lots of things. i finished the back of the purple star quilt. i named her starla. i like to think of the back as starla's backside;) anyway, it's scrappy and i am pleased with the way it turned out. i also made my first mug rug.  i made a paperpieced snails trail block when i first started and i decided to do something with it yesterday. all that is left is the binding. i will be attempting that today.
i like pictures.  so here are some blocks from my first qip. it will probably be ip for a while because i keep changing my mind about it

i think i have 14 blocks done. it's for my significant other. she's not a very colorful person:) she said she wanted browns and greys. i just have to decide how i'm going to put them all together. there isn't a time constraint for this one like the wedding quilt so i guess i should go work on that wedding quilt. :)  linking up to/with wip wednesday at freshly pieced.
oh and i have to throw this in

someone likes my stash of browns and greys.

happy sewing


  1. Love the cat picture! Great progress!

  2. Very nice blocks your points are perfect!

  3. Gorgeous blocks. That first grey one is my favorite!

  4. Those triangle blocks are funky!