Sunday, June 30, 2013

half of 2013 is already gone...

i feel like all my sewing time is going toward bee blocks. and it is. i'm in 4 bees until september.   i also started 2 quiltalongs earlier in the year (which for the time being i have abandoned.)  i have overextended myself a little bit. i love being in bees but 4 at a time is too much for me. i don't have any time to work on any other projects. so lesson learned. and enough bitching.
these are the bee blocks for june so far. i plan on more sewing today so there may be more later:)

1. modern mavericks michelle 1, 2. bee sew modern sara, 3. bee sew modern allison, 4. union jack for sam 2, 5. churndash, 6. upload

linking up with lily's quilts - fresh sewing day

Lily's Quilts

i didn't make any q2 goals for the finish-a-long at she can quilt, but i do plan on some for q3 (i like the linky starts on july 8th)

i am a member of the cheer circle of do. Good stitches and my quilting month is september.  i've been contemplating my design since march 27th (the day rachel sent me the email.)  i really want to use the freewheeling block by tacha bruecher from 99 modern blocks.  my thought is that the correct and courteous way to do this is to ask her.  her website (blog) is not working right now. is it inappropriate to ask her on twitter?


  1. 4 is alot and depending how long they take, it can quickly take up precious sewing time. Good luck on finishing and/or working on other projects!

  2. Wow you are a busy bee ;-) thanks fir my bee blocks I love them.

  3. Wow you are a busy bee ;-) thanks fir my bee blocks I love them.