Wednesday, August 15, 2012

wip wednesday

finally able to use my camera again:) i have finished both the bride's and groom's sides of the wedding quilt.

the groom is a jazz musician.  some detail...

wrestling that big piece of material through my little sewing machine to zig zag and satin stitch all of those notes was a little bit of a nightmare.  live and learn i guess.

this is the other side of the quilt

(this was before i actually sewed it..there are three appliqued stars on it as well)

i'm wondering how to quilt it.  originally i thought horizontal lines but i'm at a loss as far as thread color.  the wedding is not until the beginning of november.

other projects: i decided to do a quilt from emily cier's quilt remix.

i guess someone found the whole process a little bit of a snooze fest.  so this was the idea...

i started assembling...

i actually got a little farther than either one of these pictures and as i looked at it, i realized that it did not lay flat. somewhere i stretched too much and my seams must be off because it's almost bubbly. uurrrgggh. so i slept on it (not literally) and decided that i couldn't live with it like that and i had to get out the seam ripper. i've removed each strip down to the number print which i think is the major culprit. so i'll remove those and then decide if i want to use same fabric or change it.   grrr.
i'll be linking up with wip wednesday at freshly pieced.

happy sewing


  1. The wedding quilt is really neat. I love the idea of a bride's side and groom's side.

  2. I think it is interesting that you precut all the pieces (I would just cut as I go). If I have trouble with wavy lines I usually use a walking foot or spray starch the pieces to make them more stable. I like your improv pieces. I found you from the Quilt Con block you made-love it!